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Ballston Children's Center Philosophy


Our philosophy is to provide a quality day care program in a learning and loving environment.

The primary goal of our teachers is to nurture each individual child’s emotional and educational needs, as well as provide a sense of routine, opportunities to be creative, and prepare the child for primary education.

Our teachers will bring unconditional love and emotional security, a sense of routine and an opportunity to be creative and resourceful.

The Center is open for parents to visit and observe their children at any time. All children, regardless of ethnic background, race, color or religious beliefs, are equal and participate in our non-discriminating environment.

All daily activities are age and stage- appropriate and will promote each child's physical, intellectual, emotional/social well-being and growth. We promote curiosity and exploration. We establish an environment for learning and creativity.




The Center provides:


* Opportunities for individual self-expression.
* Recognition that each child is an individual.
* Respect for personal privacy.
* Respect for each child's cultural, ethnic, and familial backgrounds, as well as his/her primary language or dialect.


The Teachers promote social development by:


* Providing guidance to children in developing and working out ways of getting along with one another.
* Interacting with children in ways that emphasize and foster attitudes of mutual respect between adults and children.
* Demonstrating respect for all other persons as individuals and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity.
* Encouraging children to do things independently, help with daily routines, and offer a lot of comfort and love.


Our Educational Program is designed to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for your child. In addition, our computer programs allow children to explore the computers emphasizing reading, math and comprehension skills. The program covers all aspects of learning. The children learn through playing and working on different projects. They experience such areas of learning as: art, math, music, science, and social studies. 





Two 1/2  year olds:


The "Just for two's" program is used to develop the child's language, gross motor and small motor skills. Self-discipline, cooperation and creative expression are fostered through play activities. Exploration of manipulative toys, books, indoor and outdoor play, equipment and materials help develop the child's curiosity, creativity and independence. Art and music experiences with a variety of materials are an integral part of the program.

Three year olds:


The creative Preschool Program is the core of the three year-old curriculum. Listening to stories, retelling events, dramatic play with puppets, music and movement experience help the child develop concepts and language skills necessary for future learning. A variety of play and art materials are provided for the child's exploration. Stringing beads, building with blocks, painting, drawing, cutting and constructing with different materials foster the development of the child's small motor and problem solving skills, and also enhance his/her sense of creativity and self-expression.

Four year olds:


The four year-old is ready for the exploration of concepts in the areas of reading and math, science and social studies, as well as the continued growth of language and physical development skills. Utilizing the creative Pre-Kindergarten Program, the child is presented with a thematic, hands-on approach to learning new skills and developing new awareness and abilities. Beginning phonics instruction is initiated when the child is ready for this skill. The child's curiosity, independence and self-confidence are fostered through the use of center play activities. Manipulative toys, art, music experiences and field trips enhance the child's understanding and enjoyment of presented concepts.

The five year olds:


The five year-old is ready for the development of reading, math and handwriting skills that will prepare him/her for the more formal learning environment of elementary school. The program we use presents science, social studies, musical language, and physical development activities in a monthly thematic format. The reading readiness program focuses on phonic skills. Listening comprehension will be initiated for children who demonstrate readiness for this skill. A manipulative approach is used to develop math concepts. Beginner handwriting skills are taught through a specially designed handwriting program. Creativity, curiosity and confidence are developed through Center play activities. Art experiences, manipulative materials, dramatic play, books and games enhance the child's conceptual development. Field trips add to the child's enjoyment and understanding of monthly themes.

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